The Church

As a church-plant, we realize that most of these statements will not reflect what goes on each week at Emmaus Church. Nevertheless, as the Lord gives the increase as He sees fit, the following points represent our philosophy of the local church.

Church Government

Emmaus Church is an autonomous, non-denominational body of born-again Christians. Emmaus Church is an elder-led church. Elders must meet the qualifications as explained in Scripture (1 Tim. 3:1-13; Tit.1:5-9). While the elders comprise the leadership of the church, the congregation will confirm their ordination by vote. The teaching and preaching ministries of the church are restricted to the elders. In addition to elders, Emmaus Church believes in the necessity of the office of the deacon. Deacons will oversee mercy ministries, administrative tasks, outreach efforts and other miscellaneous tasks.


Membership in Emmaus Church is open to all born-again believers who have a credible profession of their faith in Jesus Christ, have been baptized, and have attended a membership interview with the pastor. Potential members are brought before congregation for confirmation. Members are expected to sign and honor a covenant with Emmaus Church. Membership is restricted to adults 18 and over. This does not, however, exclude Christians of all ages from attending and participating in the fellowship at Emmaus. It simply means that a member is restricted to adults. If you are interested in learning more about membership at Emmaus Church, please contact the pastor here.


Emmaus Church is committed to expository preaching – working our way through entire books of the Bible. We believe that this is the most effective method of preaching; helping the congregation to understand Scripture in its original context, as the author intended. All of God’s Word is profitable for teaching and preaching (2 Timothy 3:16). How much more so when we patiently and deliberately explore each book for its own message and its contribution to the overall story of the Bible – the revelation of God in Jesus Christ!


For our approach to the teaching ministries at Emmaus Church, please visit the Didache page.


Weekly, corporate worship is a time when the body comes together to offer praises to the Lord, to be nourished through the Word of God, and to celebrate the ordinance of Communion. Our services our focused on God and not man. Our songs, prayers, and sermons are centered on the Bible and rich in doctrine and theology.


Emmaus Church takes seriously our call to go forth and proclaim the gospel to all nations. As the Lord provides growth through membership and finances, Emmaus will pursue many and various missions that we may support in an effort to be obedient in pursuing the completion of the Great Commission. Some of the ministries we support financially can be found here.