A Season for Everything (10-25-2013)

The scariest thing about October 31st is not any ghoul, or ghost, or werewolf. It’s the staggering lack of knowledge in the Christian churches about the real holiday we should be celebrating on this date. Imagine not having access to the Bible in your home, in your churches, or in your home-groups. Imagine that even if you did have a Bible, you could not read it because there were no English copies available. Imagine the only place that you could hear God’s Word week in and week out was a church that taught a salvation by works, not one of grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. If this sounds weird, it’s because we have forgotten our roots. Every Protestant, Bible-believing Christian has in their possession the Word of God, has preachers and teachers to proclaim the Word of God, and has the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because of the Reformation. And it began on October 31st, 1517.*

By God’s providence we are launching Emmaus Church during this season, at a time when churches (should) celebrate the wonderful work of God in freeing the gospel from the clutches of the Roman Catholic Church, when the Bible was translated into the languages of common people everywhere so that they may drink deeply from the Word of God.

We began our launch week at the Boo-on-Ballard in downtown Wylie distributing over 800 gospel-focused coloring books to the kids and gospel tracts to the adults. On Sunday, we will gather together for the first time as a body of believers to celebrate and worship our mighty God and the work He has done in His Son, Jesus Christ – his perfect, sinless life, his substitutionary death for the sins of God’s people, and his rising and conquering of death. We will partake of communion together, remembering his completed works of salvation and looking forward to his return. We will open the Word of God and encounter the Word incarnate. We will by God’s Spirit, be equipped for every good work and ready to face the week, nourished by the Bread of Life.

There have been so many Godly brothers and sisters that have prayed for us, supported us, and encouraged us throughout these weeks and months of planning and preparation. We thank God for each and every one of you.

For those that will be joining us on Sunday, we’re praying that much will be made of Jesus and that God would get all the glory.

The Reformation celebrated the recovery (not discovery!) of what is commonly called the 5 Solas of the Reformation. At Emmaus Church, we embrace these doctrines, not because of the men that penned them, but because of the God that they bring our attention to – the God who is worthy of all our praise.

In the words of the reformers,

Sola Deo Gloria!

Jeremy Cooley

*I won’t revisit the specific details of the Reformation here. There are several great sites that you can visit, beginning with www.Ligonier.org.

One thought on “A Season for Everything (10-25-2013)

  • Dave Dunbar

    Good words. We have a rich heritage in the Reformers, and many like them who have gone before us.

    May Christ be honored, saints edified, sinners convicted, for the glory of God.

    (We’re looking forward to being with you on the 27th — Lord willing.)

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